GILLI 1950’s Vintage Lucite Confetti Glitter Handbag (repaired) – $49.95

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GILLI 1950’s Vintage Lucite Confetti Glitter Handbag (repaired)

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GILLI 1950’s Vintage Lucite confetti Handbag (repaired), non-advertising retro fashion!
This vintage 1950’s GILLI Original New York Lucite Glitter Confetti Handbag is a visually stunning box HANDBAG in great vintage condition, with the original label – GILLI ORIGINALS, NYC – that is intact on the inside. The lid of this “Confetti” Gilli original purse is clear Lucite, and has a deeply carved floral starburst design on it. The handbag measures about 7.5 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep.

This Gilli handbag has double clear Lucite handles that are rounded and measure about 6 ½ inches tall. They swing freely and perfectly. The inside hinges are brass and still shiny. The Lucite lock on this elegant purse is about ¾ inches wide and is squared off on the top and bottom. It snaps shut perfectly. There are rounded brass fittings on the bottom of the closure. The sides of the purse are rounded on the bottom. The four ball feet are all original and intact. The purse weighs about 1 lb. 3 oz.

The photos show the true picture of this gently used Lucite purse. The only flaw with this purse is that one of the handles in the back has been repaired. This is the condition in which I received the bag. There are also slight hairline surface scratches. Otherwise, the overall condition of the purse is excellent, free of odors, chips, dents, discoloration, or loose joints.

Lucite purses in the 1950’s were manufactured in New York and Miami, Florida, and were considered THE fashion statement!

Make this piece a beautiful addition to your Vintage Lucite/Bakelite Purse Collection.

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