For almost 50 years, Vintage LeFtOVeRs has been devoted to the restaurants and culture that evolved along the Mid-20th Century American roadside.

Chasing collectibles began in the early 1970’s when I shared a meal with my friend, Gary, at Nathan’s Famous Restaurant in Coney Island. Instead of throwing out the paper hot dog wrapper, Gary took his wrapper home—and framed it! Gary saw the minimalistic design and pop art beauty of the red, green, yellow, and white design advertising, “Nathan’s.” Gary’s vision inspired my appreciation. It ignited my lifelong passion for art, advertising, and architecture of Mid-20th Century America.

What began as a hobby of chasing after collectibles turned into a profession. I pursued my passion with private dealers, at auctions, conventions, yard sales, flea markets, swap meets, and eventually created mail order catalogs to sell from.


For over 40 years I was part of the vintage collectibles community, as a buyer, seller, and author. An article I wrote in 1984 for “Collector’s Showcase Magazine” featured beautiful photographs Karen Atkinson took of some of my collection.

The advent of the Internet, called me to sell with Amazon, as “NRGGRN Books” which I continue to this day, maintaining a 5 star performance record.

Finally, the next logical step was creating this website.

A RESOURCE AND A STORE is a loving testament to Gary and the many enthusiasts who inspired me. They were collectors, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, artists, decorators, dealers, and more. It is to these visionaries I dedicate this website, which is both a store and a resource to catalogue the many rarities I collected.

It has been a joyful pleasure and privilege to serve each of the wonderful customers we have befriended over the years.

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Whether your passion is for chasing vintage advertising art or seeking new treasures to discover, you will most certainly find something at Vintage Leftovers.

We look forward to serving you and the special passion you enjoy chasing after!

Gloria R. Nash



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